How to Grab a Bargain!

We all know that money is tight with the price of living getting much higher and with the daunting task of putting up with the worse boss in the world. We have comprised of a few different key points if you are looking to start your own business or looking for that classic car to put away in a garage for 20 years!

  • Number 1 always go and see before you buy!  You might think this is obvious but you should hear the number of stories we get when someone just has to have that bargain of the century but ends up being a checking account in a country you can’t even pronounce.

  • Always ask the seller what he’s getting rid of it for! Now this is pretty key and a lot of people forget this, When it comes to having the conversation about the story of the vehicle everything normally is a well-rehearsed speech about how the car “drives like a dream” and “corners like an Alfa” but when you put them on the spot what the reason your selling the car can throw a lot of the sellers off and then you can really tell if your buying something that has been loved.

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