Starting a Food Business

First thing – Audience!

When starting the business you need to first understand your key demographic so that when you get to the stage of what food to serve you have a rough understanding of whos going to be eating it!

Once we have that out of the way there is a little thing called research and I know some of you young folks out there don’t want to do a lot of this but it is key to running the business and it helps you stay ahead of the competition. You have to remember you are going up against some of the best of business who have been doing this for a long time so just walking in thinking you know the whole game could be a costly mistake.


The Big Question is what are you going to be serving to the “hopefully” thousands of people coming to your business. Someone told me that “simple is success” everyone can learn a lot of that comment alone as you don’t want to get too crazy with your recipes only some of the greats can pull this off as they have perfected their simple recipes first, Stick with something simple and concentrate on making it great!


Once you have your main decisions done now to decide on a venue, now with the latest trends in Vintage Catering Trucks people are moving to more the mobile market in getting their food out there.

Vintage Builds is one of the leading providers of vintage catering vehicles visits their website to get some more information on buying a catering truck.

Once you have all them done you ready to go!!





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